(Gamma Stabilized Polycarbonate)

Medical grade polycarbonate is produced from a resin formulated to meet the stringent performance characteristics and requirements of the healthcare industry. The resin used is USP Class VI compliant and suitable for EtO gas and limited autoclaving sterilization.

Machine grade TECANAT™ polycarbonate is available to applications that do not require gamma stabilization.





Westlake Zelux GS Product Information


Applications Include:

• Surgical Equipment
• Instrument Components
• Housing and Covers

Advantages of POLYCARBONATE GS (Gamma Stabilized Polycarbonate):

• Excellent impact resistance and optical clarity
• Easy to machine
• Lot controlled and traceable
• Resin is USP Class VI and ISO 10993 compliant


  • TECANAT™ (Non-gamma stablized machine grade polycarbonate.)


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